Have you ever been out with your buddies, having a few drinks, when busting chops goes suddenly, horribly wrong? Like, someone says, "Nice shirt, knucklehead," and the guy responds with "Oh yeah? Well, your late father was deeply disappointed with your inability to save your marriage, and your ugly children will one day mock your multiple failures. And you smell."

That's kinda what Keith Olbermann did to the L.A. Times's Andrew Malcolm. The Times's TV section, in a likely prank, listed MTV's "Jackass" in MSNBC's "Countdown" time slot last week, and Malcolm offered a gently ribbing "correction," wondering if viewers would notice the difference. Olbermann responded by dancing on the LA Times's grave.

See Olbermann's response, and find out who got the last word.

Olbermann responded quickly in his Worst Persons in the World segment, even denying Malcolm the top spot while spending more than half of the segment dismembering him:

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At least Olbermann bested his cable news rival Bill O'Reilly in the smack-talk category.

Andrew Malcolm, for his part, delivered a nicely underplayed rejoinder, noting that about half of Countdown's audience tweeted him about the segment, and "both of those Friday Olbermann viewers said they were amused."