After two days, and 46,874 votes, the people have spoken. Congratulations, Hilltop Inn of Evansville, Ind., you are the Manliest Restaurant in America (2009)!

This Midwestern favorite now has the ultimate bragging rights, having beaten a Boston BBQ hut, a San Fransisco burger mecca, and a D.C. steak palace. Rest assured, Hilltoppers, this epicurean honor offers more mileage than four stars from the Michelin Guide.

Asylum Editor-in-chief Neil Gladstone put it this way: " is thrilled to celebrate Hilltop Inn's victory as Manliest Restaurant in America. No doubt we must pause and acknowledge the fried brain sandwich's part in this triumph. There's definitely something about mashing up something's brain, frying it in a pan and dropping it on a bun that's guaranteed to put hair on your chest. This is a proud day for the brain eaters throughout our 50 states and around the world."

Not only does the Hilltop Inn get to baste itself in a rich broth of prestige, its owners will soon be receiving a unique, nearly priceless plaque that declares their eating establishment fit enough for Conan the King, the Ghost of Evel Knievel, or any guy who just finished a 15-hour-shift and has a grizzly bear-size appetite.

Let the pilgrimage begin! Surge forth and consume brains like a famished zombie army! (Editor's note: They also make amazing stews, fried chicken and Icelandic cod, and serve beer in mighty vessels.)

For more about the fried brain sandwich, see the video after the jump.