It's great to live in a country where there's a magazine for every possible interest and/or fetish. (Google "balloon fetish" sometime if you don't believe us.) But in today's economy, it's a wonder that a lot of these publications are still churning out issues. (If Rolling Stone is in trouble, how can Strings magazine survive?)

Who buys these sometimes bizarre, occasionally creepy, and oddly specific publications? Who publishes them? Do they have columnists and staff cartoonists like other magazines? And are there weird dentists out there who stock their waiting rooms with them?

Keep reading to see our selection of some of our favorite magazines still somehow in publication. Click here to see them now, before the printed word disappears entirely.

Crappie World Magazine
Yes, we know a crappie is a type of freshwater fish highly sought after by sportsmen. But come on. Crappie World? What is this, Depressed Emo Teen Monthly?

I Love Cats
I Love Cats is yet another mag devoted to cat obsession, which in itself isn't a problem. No, the issue here is the title. Cat Fancy is catchy, while I Love Cats is just plain lazy. Of course you love cats. Why else would you buy this magazine? It's certainly not for the nuanced writing or stylish cover layouts. If you're going to give it such a bluntly obvious title that so clearly panders to its desired demo, might as well just go with I Am Lonely.

Student Group Tour
In case the vague title confuses you, Student Group Tour is the "publication for individuals, educators and organizers actively planning trips for student group travel in the U.S. and Canada." So if you need information about how to get your group out of an international incident in Taiwan, you're sh*t out of luck.

Bacon Busters
Australia's top hog-hunting magazine offers how-to articles, fan fiction, and the famous Babes and Boars section. Really though, is that any different than your average issue of Playboy?

The Bark
Forget stuffy old Dog Fancy. That's the New Yorker of dog-lifestyle mags. The Bark is the choice for hip young canines everywhere. With catchy headlines like "Pop Goes the Dog" and a slick layout, it's like Details for dogs. Which would be fine, if dogs had any concept of what a magazine is outside of "that thing that gets rolled up to swat me with when I pee on the floor."

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