Cowboys and Indians
Ah, nothing like a celebration of the ol' West. Nothing dated or vaguely racist about this magazine, no siree. Pass the chewin' tabaccy, pard'ner. We got a hankerin' to spit and take away some tribal lands.
Model Airplane News
To be fair, this magazine has been published since 1929. Back then, news about model airplanes was the only thing people had to distract themselves from the Great Depression.
A Bear's Life
At last, a publication about the exciting lives of our furry Ursidae friends. Eating salmon, stealing pick-a-nick baskets, snoozing through the winter months OH MY GOD! It's a magazine devoted solely to hairy gay men. Different kind of bear entirely.
Dance Teacher
With respect to overworked, under-appreciated dance teachers the world over, we think even they would agree that they don't need their own magazine. And also that you should work on your grand jeté.
Garden and Gun
Perfect for your late afternoon six-gun tea socials, Garden and Gun looks like pretty much every other magazine about Southern living. Oh, except for the genteel Southern dame on the cover who's about to murder a harmless goose with a high-powered weapon. But don't worry, the mag's tips on how to create your own English-style garden should distract you from your bloodthirsty urges.