In case you were concerned that Americans were becoming less litigious these days, a convicted robber is trying to sue a party store after he was shot in the arm while burglarizing it.

Scott Thomas Zeilinski is serving an eight-to-22-year sentence for robbing Nick's Party Store in Clinton Township, Mich., in 2007. Court records show that he entered the store and put a knife to the throats of several clerks, threatening to kill them.

Then, still making threats as he exited with stolen money and cigarettes, Zeilinski was shot in the arm and back by an employee who had grabbed a gun.

The burglar's lawyer filed a suit against the party store this week, seeking over $125,000 for pain and suffering and emotional distress. Following in the tradition of landmark cases like Brown v. Board of Education and Plessy v. Ferguson, we hope the Supreme Court soon metes out justice in the case of Zeilinski v. Nick's Party Store.

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