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Here's why you shouldn't worry about Disney buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion. (UGO)

Chris Brown told Larry King he can't remember beating Rihanna. (Popeater)

"Bad Boys 3" is in development whether we want it or not. (Unreality Mag)

"Halloween 3-D" is coming out next summer. (Screen Junkies)

Brody Jenner got into a fight with Joe Francis for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole. When two d-bags fight, does anyone win? (TMZ)

Fox is planning to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise. (Variety)

Megan Fox told Cosmo she likes to control men. (Daily Fill)

John Mayer's 2001 mug shot photo has surfaced. (Ninja Dude)

Lindsay Lohan showed off her retro bikini. (Radar Online)

More details about "Rambo 5" have come out. (FilmDrunk)