Too busy to go to church? If you live in Chandler, Ariz., you no longer have any excuses, as a new drive-thru prayer booth makes asking for assistance from God as easy as ordering a combo burrito fourthmeal from Taco Bell.

Pastor Roger Storms of Chandler Christian Church concedes what began as a one-off event has yet to get that much of response, but added, "It just takes one prayer to change a person's heart."

To that end, Storms has now promised to keep his parking lot prayer booth open 24/7, meaning you can now request spiritual guidance from the big fella at hours you can't even scare up a junior bacon cheeseburger.

And if that's all still too inconvenient, Storms's church also accepts prayers via the Internet.

Think a drive-thru prayer booth is a little out there? Keep reading to see our list of other real-life drive-thru services that'll have you scratching your head.

Drive-thru chapel -- For when just a Vegas wedding isn't tacky enough, you can exchange your Sin City vows without leaving the comfort of your rental car.

Drive-thru emergency room -- A California hospital has experimented with having doctors and nurses examine patients while they are still in their car.

Drive-thru strip clubs -- At 10 dollars a minute, this revealing roadside attraction makes gas prices seem cheap.

Drive-thru funeral homes -- Nothing says you care like viewing a loved one's body from a Ford Taurus.

Dive-thru liquor stores -- They are quite common in some places, but if you don't come from one of those places the concept comes off as both spectacular and a spectacularly bad idea.

Drive-thru government
-- In effort to speed up the crawl associated with federal employees, Pennsylvania state representative Kevin Murphy has installed a drive-thru window for legislative services in his office for his constituents. A California county experimented with drive-in voting.

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