Required listening from the week in music.

Word is "The Blueprint 3" is Jay-Z's strongest since "The Black Album." While his constant fake retirements are a little insensitive in light of our current economic climate, only Jay could get away with penning a song proclaiming the death of Autotune. You hear that T-Pain? Hova just called you out.

Jay also hits MSG in NYC on 9/11 for a benefit concert broadcast live on Fuse.

Also in stores this week:
-- "Rubber Soul" is just one of the many remastered Beatles albums being released in the wake of "Beatles Rock Band." Argue with your audiophile nerd friends about whether they sound better in stereo or mono. ("Octopus's Garden" is still terrible in either.)
-- "Bomb in a Birdcage" is the latest from fiery redhead singer/songwriter A Fine Frenzy. (DYK? Not her real name.)
-- "Popular Songs," from indie favorites Yo La Tengo, marks the band's 25th anniversary. They're the best thing to come out of Hoboken since baseball.