It's the 40th anniversary of NERF, and to mark the occasion, the company has released the all-new N-Strike Rapid Fire Blaster CS-35.

This toy tool of terror is a first for NERF weaponry, complete with a drum magazine, so it looks a little like a Tommy Gun. It holds up to 35 rounds, assembles quickly and works entirely mechanically (i.e. no batteries needed). We tested it rigorously, including an attack on the unsuspecting hosts of trivia night at the local bar.

The slightly hard tip of the darts, which do not hurt even at point blank range, give off a pleasant plink reminiscent of shell casings when they hit the floor. Some of the darts got pretty chewed up from the drum magazine, so you'll want to pick up at least a 10-pack of replacements ($6.80). It takes a little while to get used to the "slam fire" action, and the gun will jam easily until you get used to the cocking motion. The N-Strike blaster retails for $35 .

Click here to check out our demonstration of the CS-35.