They've done the sports stars, the college coaches, the metal gods and the supermodel, but in their latest "Risky Business",-themed ad Guitar Hero is really hitting the sweet spot of what guys like: naked women.

Of course, they can't actually be nude, but 10 Playboy playmates sliding around in only tube socks and pink oxfords certainly suggests even more flesh.

Unfortunately, the ad also comes with Hugh Hefner. Yes, the 83-year-old is a legend, and he's lived a life the rest of us dare not dream. But he is also an 83-year-old, with a gaze that isn't getting any less lecherous.

We also think Hef might be senile. It's the only way we can explain the notorious blondophile agreeing to end the spot by claiming, "I like variety." Uh, Hef? No, you don't.

Guitar Hero 5 Commercial

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