An intoxicated man was arrested in Florida after pretending to drown and then throwing jellyfish at innocent teenagers, a move that can only be described as spineless.

Witness say that Keith Marriott, 41, had been drinking on the beach for several hours on Monday when he began to cause a disturbance in the water. Marriott repeatedly dunked himself under and then floated to the surface, mimicking drowning and "causing concern for his safety," according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's report.

That's when the jellyfish started flying. The drunken man, who cops later found was hiding a pocketknife in his shorts, began tossing the sea creatures at teenagers who were swimming nearby.

Police arrested Marriott and brought him to jail, where he was "uncooperative" and, according to a sheriff's office spokesperson, in need of treatment for a pre-existing wound.

So just to sum up: A drunk guy with an open wound and a concealed knife faked his own drowning and then flung live jellyfish at teenagers. Just another Monday in Florida.

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