Two games remain before NFL Week 1 is complete, and with the Raiders being one of the teams competing, there's a good chance we're foregoing some of pro football's best choke artistry. That's not stopping us from teaming up with our friends at With Leather to determine who should be publicly dishonored for having a unusually lackluster performance out of the gate.

Jay Cutler
Cutler's public feud with Broncos' coach Josh McDaniels led him to bolt to the Bears. In his debut with Chicago, he threw a career-high four interceptions and in the postgame he already decided to tell Bears' fans, "There's no need to panic." In other words, they should panic.

Matt Stafford
Cutler's competition for goat comes in the form of Lions' $72 million rookie Matt Stafford, who threw one fewer pick than Cutler, as well as one fewer TD. For those not paying close attention, that's zero touchdowns.

Jake Delhomme
Carolina QB Jake Delhomme continues to struggle. He had four picks versus the Eagles and an aura of total confusion that has apparently carried over from last year's playoffs.

St. Louis Rams
Let's not forget the entire St. Louis Rams. Their only TD came off a blocked field goal return, and that was called back because they had 12 players on the field. We foresee these Rams having a haplessly adorable season, like an undersize Pop Warner squad whose greatest hope is that the halftime orange slices will be seedless.

So who do you think is biggest choke artist?