Animals doing human things has always been funny, from smoking chimps, to squirrels on water skis, to chipmunks being ridden by storm troopers. That's why almost 4,000 people flocked to "the world's largest dog surfing event" over the weekend in North Beach, San Diego.

The fourth annual Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon, which raises money for the Helen Woodward Animal Center, pitted canines of all breeds and sizes against each other in a several surfing competitions. Dogs were awarded points based on the duration of the ride, the size of the wave and the difficulty of their on-board maneuvers.

Chairman Bryce Rhodes said that while all the pooches enjoy themselves, only about 20 percent are considered "pros," as they call them in the dog surfing community. Among them is Dozer, a 75-pound bulldog that took first place in the second heat of the extra-large category.

Gigi Bagaporo, the dog's owner, said she didn't think Dozer would take to the sport, but after trying it last summer she was amazed to see him "jump on and refuse to get off the board."

So either Dozer really likes surfing or is really afraid of water. Hang 10!