Baseball hero and businessman Lenny "Nails" Dykstra has run into some money problems. He's looking to raise a little cash by auctioning off his 1986 World Series ring, valued at $20,000. We've always been fans of Nails and would love to take care of his gift from Bill Buckner. But if asked to choose between Nails' ring and Coed Magazine pinup Nyla B, we'd be lost. Here's the Would You Rather breakdown ...

World Series Ring
Pro: Mets' series ring will always be more rare than a Yankees ring.
Con: Too heavy to wear unless you're on steroids.
Pro: If you change your last name to Dykstra, you can pretend it's yours.
Con: O.J. might try to steal it and claim it's his.

Nyla B
Pro: Will probably not be encrusted in dip spit.
Con: She's from Azerbaijan. You don't know where that is.
Pro: Date would hopefully cost less than $20,000.
Con: If you don't like thong underwear, she'll be a huge turnoff.