Behold, "Andy," the new Android sex doll that will eliminate the female species and, more importantly, the need to return sexual favors. Just kidding, but this is undoubtedly a giant leap forward for the awesome, disturbing and ultimately victorious robot takeover, just like "Terminator 2" foretold.

The unfortunately-named Andy (couldn't they have at least spelled it with an "i"?) is adjustable, allowing for all sorts of sexual positions, plus it comes equipped with a "heavy breathing" feature, a g-spot that you might one day locate, and a variety of lifelike features. The dolls are referred to as "synthetic humans" by their manufacturer, First Androids, and retail in the neighborhood of 2600 Euros ($3820).

Some female writers warn guys that the dolls can't converse, have a social life of her own that doesn't involve you or "reject douchebags." In other news, First Androids just received four million new orders for the doll. Now, if we could just settle the debate on whether it counts as cheating have sex with robot hookers.