Yesterday, we brought you the sensational tale of Barack Obama's groupies, some of whom grab a hold of his executive buttocks and refuse to let go.

Vying to oust that news from the top Presidential Sex spot are some released tidbits from David Branch's upcoming book of taped transcripts from inside the White House, "The Clinton Tapes."

Clinton apparently accepts no responsibility for destroying his presidency and the hopes of Al Gore, telling Branch in one clip that "I think I just cracked" and lost control when Lewinsky stepped into his office.

All of which does little to answer the really important question on everyone's mind: Which president is better with the ladies?

Bill Clinton
Clinton is famous for his philandering, which, of course, can only help him bag the sexiest ladies in the land. Stories of gorgeous, busty starlet-types sneaking into his hotel suite are numerous, legendary and incessant since the 42nd prez stepped back into civilian life. He possesses such relentless charm that women feel like they're the only other person in the room. That must be an unbeatable tactic when attempting seduction. He has a sly Southern accent, is a musician, is married and is therefore "unavailable" -- all of which can only help him selectively pick out the sexiest of a willing pack. Just because Clinton has a thing for "attainable" women doesn't mean he isn't getting better offers.

Barack Obama
Our 44th president is no stranger to the hotties -- have you seen Obama Girl's modeling photos? Hail to that. In a totally unscientific survey of our female friends, we found 90 percent or so would "definitely" jump Obama in the presidential swimming pool. Plus, his alleged love interest is quite a babe herself -- Vera Baker, a campaign aide, was allegedly exiled to the tropics last year when the future First Lady grew suspicious. (Baker seems to have no problem wearing see-through tops to political parties, by the way.)

Given the evidence presented here, which prez do you think gets hotter groupies?