There is a video circulating right now in which a guy tosses a basketball from the third deck of an 82,000-seat football stadium down to the playing field and right into the hoop.

Fake, right? Any Web-savvy person would come to that conclusion before even watching the tape. But so far the latest exploit of "Dude Perfect," a collective of six Texas A&M students who film themselves making amazing basketball shots, has baffled video experts, who can find no evidence of edits. This isn't the first time "Dude Perfect" has achieved notoriety. Earlier this year their trick-shot-making skills were featured on "Good Morning America."

The stadium shot alone has now garnered over two million YouTube views, which will benefit the children, as the collective has promised to sponsor a child through the charity Compassion International for each 100,000 views they get.

Kind of makes you want to believe it's real even more. But is it? Check out the shot from multiple angles and vote.