Ever wonder what a comic book supervillain does when not trying to destroy the world? Do they have a favorite bar where they go to meet women? Of course not. If you don't have the time at your crappy job, how can someone bound and determined to take over the Earth waste time hoping to randomly run into the love of his life. A supervillain looks for love on Craigslist like everyone else.

Imagine stumbling across these lovelorn ads while surfing the CL personals, each looking for that special someone they don't want to destroy. These dastardly bastards may be malevolent, but they just want what everyone wants: someone to cuddle up with at night in a padded cell; someone who'll listen as they lay bare their deepest, darkest secrets; someone who'll come by during asylum visiting hours. They aren't evil, just misunderstood ... and horny.

Let's take a peek at how the world's greatest criminal masterminds try to find true love.

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