Here at Asylum, we love secrets and also women. So we asked our friends over at YourTango to hook us up with some unusual places to pick up women, beyond the tired old bar/party/club scenarios.

Have you tired of the existing channels for meeting women: bars, house parties, online, the laundromat (if this actually works for anyone besides Garth)? We put our YourTango lady heads together to suggest six unexpected places to pick up our kind. These suggestions work for two reasons: scarcity and positioning. In other words, the lack of other men and the perception that you're confident enough to step outside the sports-bar comfort zone should get you a plethora of phone numbers, if not laid.

A gay bar
Despite the reputation, "fag hags" are not all hideous future cat ladies. Quite the contrary: Hot women go to gay clubs to dance free from the grind-from-behind sneak attacks we fear at straight clubs. (Note: Creepy grinding on a woman you've never met will never pay. Spread the word.)

A Tupperware party

Any sort of "buying" party, whether for sex toys or reusable plastic food containers, tends to be female-dominated. Not only are men scarce, but ordering the nine-piece Vent 'N Serve Collection sends "likes to cook" and "is eco-friendly" blips onto our guy-dar.


Hell, hit up a Curves. Showing up in unexpected, lady-strewn locales might make us think you're gay, but this can be to your benefit. We women chat with men differently, often more readily, when we assume you're gay. Learning that you're straight and merely dig the way Pilates tones your transversus abdominis muscles will be a very pleasant surprise indeed.

Breast cancer walk/run
A fundraising walk/run combines two great means of convincing women that you're a quality man to date: activity and charity. Whether you're there to support a survivor or merely to scope, you're doing a good deed. Altruism's a turn-on.

Talk show taping

Have you ever been to one of these? A) They're a people-watching Mecca. B) There's a lot of waiting around, which means ample time to scan the crowd and strike up a conversation. C) The guests are so crazy that any neurosis you're battling will be minor compared to the bipolar transvestite Siamese twins carrying each other's babies onstage.

Cooking/language/dance/any class

There are disproportionate numbers of women taking classes as grown-ups. Many are single. Do the math. As long as the syllabus doesn't contain the words Neil Strauss or gunsmithing, there will be ladies.

Got more suggestions for unconventional ways to meet women? Leave them in the comments. Check out the 6 secret ways to meet men suggested by Asylum.

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