Most new "Saturday Night Live" cast members take months to get noticed, appearing as waiters or beleaguered customers in "Target Lady" sketches before breaking out with their own characters and impressions. But new cast member Jenny Slate became an Internet sensation on her first night for accidentally dropping the "f-bomb" during a not-very-hilarious sketch called "Biker Chick Chat." (She had to say "frickin'" like 500 times -- shouldn't we be blaming the writers?)

"SNL" is edgy again! (Though not for its comedy.) Overnight, Slate has gone from being an unknown (outside of the NYC comedy scene) to the latest Internet meme. (Look for "I f-ing love you for that" to be the new "keep f-ing that chicken" for the next week or so.)

So will Slate go the way of Charles Rocket, the infamous '80s "SNL"-er who used the f-word on-air and was promptly never heard from again? Probably not. The FCC is pretty lenient on late-night TV in terms of fines (thus Comedy Central's constant unedited midnight airings of the "South Park" movie) and, as NY Mag points out, Seth Meyers' fatherly hug over the credits indicates Slate is probably in the clear. ("SNL" overlord Lorne Michaels also insists the switchboard did not "light up" with angry viewer calls. Does NBC even have a switchboard these days?)

Still, Slate has now joined a select group of Not Ready for Primetime Players who have let one of George Carlin's "seven words you can't say on TV" slip during a live broadcast. Keep reading to watch Slates faux pas and other famous foul-mouthed "SNL" moments.

Charles Rocket
A short-lived cast member during the disastrous 1980-1981 season, Rocket hosted "Weekend Update" and was billed as the next Chevy Chase. But his "SNL" career came to an abrupt halt after he casually dropped the f-word at the end of an episode-long "Who Shot J.R.?" parody. (Kids, this is the sort of crap "SNL" pulled back in the old days.) Though he appeared in a few post-"SNL" films (like Asylum fave "Earth Girls Are Easy"), Rocket's career never recovered, and he sadly committed suicide in 2005. But we'll always remember the time he made Charlene Tilton scream like a little girl.

Norm MacDonald

Norm's time in the "Update" chair was both hilarious and controversial, so it was no surprise when he accidentally said "f--k" during a live broadcast. Like Slate, Norm's foul-up was unintentional, and he immediately joked about how it was his "farewell performance." While some suspect that this incident led to Norm getting canned from "SNL," it was his penchant for taking shots at O.J. Simpson, a golfing buddy of then-NBC prez Don Ohlmeyer, that ultimately made the comedian persona non grata at the Peacock.

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