A zombie can be killed if you pierce its brain, but the zombie craze seems to be invincible, spurred by an undying thirst for the undead.

Fortunately, director Ruben Fleischer (pictured here) is looking to satiate us. His latest flick, "Zombieland," is a gore-soaked addition to the genre, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson. (Given those leads, we can't help but assume it has the laughs of "Adventureland" with the blood and guts of "Natural Born Killers.")

Fleischer got his start with music videos (Kanye, M.I.A.) and commercials, including a Burger King "Up Late With the King" spot that's as creepy as any zombie flick we've ever seen. So we asked the first-time horror director to share his five favorite zombie kill scenes of all time.

Blender baby kill from "Dead Alive" (1992)
"Peter Jackson's semi-obscure zombie slasher film is a bloodfest unparalleled. The final sequence where zombies are literally mowed down with a lawn mower is a gory extravaganza -- but nothing really beats putting a zombie baby in a blender."
Shark attack kill from "Zombie" (1979)
"Lucio Fulci's zombie movie takes place in the Caribbean, which is a brilliant idea and far better than the night shoots we did in the surprisingly freezing winter in Georgia. This movie beats all other zombie movies simply because it has a zombie fighting a shark. I defy you to come up with anything better than that."

Hare Krishna kill from "Dawn of the Dead" (1978)
"I love the subtle sense of humor in Romero's movies, and his zombies really were doppelgangers of American culture. The mall was populated with some pretty memorable zombies, but I was particularly fond of the Hare Krishna zombie who meets a bloody end."
Truck-splatter kill from "Dawn of the Dead" (2004)
"As a music video director, you are always looking to raise the bar on other videos with some kind of cool technique, but I was absolutely blown away by the technical wizardry achieved by Zach Snyder in the shot where the truck backs over several zombies. I had to watch the DVD to find out how they did it."
Priest kill from "28 Days Later"
"One of the scariest moments of '28 Days Later' is when Jim first sees a zombie in, of all places, a church. Danny Boyle used the strobe-y shutter incredibly well. The priest kill is an amazing combination of acting, sound design and tricky camera work. Very scary as we see Jim confront and kill his first zombie."
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