Actual Iranian Olympic wrestler and inventor of the Camel Clutch, Hossein Khosorow Ali Vaziri, better known as the WWF's Iron Sheik, was a headlining heel during wrestling's golden age when he and fellow menacing foreigner Nikolai Volkoff battled Hulk Hogan and Randy "Macho Man" Savage.

These days, the Sheik's retired from the ring and seems to have devoted himself entirely to guesting on the Howard Stern show and authoring an unending stream of tweets that read like a transcript of Gary Busey's brain.

Mr. Sheik's twitter bio reads, "Greatest Iranian Entertainer of all time. I f--k your ass and make you humble," and he spends his days tweeting through the stages of grief from rage to acceptance.

Early in the day, he'll threaten people like MMA fighter Frank Trigg and Hulk Hogan ...

"@FRANKTRIGG you no hall of fame- shooting wise i beat the f--k out of u and f--k your ass make u humble"

"I make the show, and I make the best show. F--K HULK HOGAN HE HAVE NO D--K"

The f--king of Hulk Hogan and the "humbling" of Sheik's non-consensual sex partners are both recurring themes in the tweets. Another issue that seems to crop up again and again is Sheik's conflicted views on the Jewish people. At certain points he is what he seems to think is complimentary:


"All jewish people they know I am intelligent human like them. F--k the Hulk Hogan"

"im not jewish but i respect the jewish people- most intelligent in the world"

But at other times he'll drop one of these on ya...

"Everybody know I am the real. Mario Lopez, you are a cheap jew mexican piece of s--t garbage low life"

When Sheik's vented himself on his enemies and debated the worthiness of Jews for a while, he generally seems to settle into a contented tiredness.

"feeling excellent- i have munchy- i want pistachio"

"i have cold beer and green medicine so i be happy"

Iron Sheik's Twitter feed is so fantastic a lot of people will probably suggest it's fake. We can't find anyone to confirm or deny its veracity (they may fear a "humbling,"), but based on the number and tenor of the links that branch out from the page, if it's not legit it's an amazingly accurate imitation of a man who's either glaringly insane or always in character.

Either way, whatever the Sheik's doing now, we hope he has some crunchy pistachios, some nice green meds and is humbling the s**t out of Mario Lopez.