Given the local climate, it makes sense that University of Florida students would be prepped on what to do in case of a hurricane. But a recent disaster-recovery exercise posted on the college's Web site has turned heads by also informing students how to respond to "flesh-eating, apparently life-impaired individuals." In other words, zombies.

According to the site, the recommended course of action against the undead is "baseball bats and explosives," and it warns students that zombies can be identified by their "strange moaning."

However, before you start worrying about an overzealous student attempting to brain amorous couples at the next frat party, we are sad to report the link was just taken down, and that university officials dismissed it as a "joke that didn't really belong."

To which we say: Shame on you, University of Florida. It's going to be even less funny when your entire class of 2013 ends up having their flesh devoured because you didn't properly prepare them for the walking dead.