Every year, the Halloween costume market cranks out a new batch of costumes that generally fit into a handful of basic categories: filthy costumes for ladies, dorky costumes for men and those terrible superhero costumes that feature a picture of the hero on the costume, because The Hulk was always wearing one of his own T-shirts.

But what about the plus-size Halloween reveler? Fear not, husky gentleman, for we have tracked down some costumes that are sure to make your Halloween a bit more awesome while at the same time providing extra comfort and support.

Tooth Fairy Leotard (Cigar Not Included)

So, you want to be whimsical while still letting everyone see pretty much every curve and fold in your body? Leave your shame at home and hop into this Tooth Fairy Leotard. It's not creepy. Not at all.

Spartan Cheerleader
Remember about 10 years go when Will Ferrell was doing this skit on "Saturday Night Live"? No? Well, maybe someone at the Halloween party will.
Wide Werewolf
The werewolf is a surefire classic, but this costume clearly puts a new spin on it: the sleepy werewolf who just returned from breakfast at Denny's.
Julius Caesar
You know who knew how to party? The Romans. That Caesar guy must have been an epic partier, since they named a drink after him and a high-fat salad. Show him you've eaten your share by dressing up in his honor.
Captain James T. Kirk: The Portly Generation
Sometime between "Star Trek 6" and "Star Trek: Generations," Captain Kirk discovered gravy.
Big Batman
Because let's face it, Adam West was the coolest Batman ever.
Big Bouncing Baby Boy
Far too many of us missed the chance as infants to appear on Maury Povich as giant baby. This isn't the same, but it's as close as you'll ever get.

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