It started innocently enough, with Flyers fans fighting Devils fans in the parking lot after the game. A few punches landed, a couple arrests made. Just another Saturday night at the hockey arena in fabulous Newark. However, as our friends at With Leather are reporting, things took a turn for the worse on the bus ride back to Philly.

Without anyone in a Brodeur jersey to punch, the well-lubricated fans in orange and black turned on each other, and by the time they got home the bad feelings spilled off the bus and onto the street, where two of the combatants were stabbed and remain in critical condition. One can only imagine the violence that would have gone down if the Flyers hadn't just beaten their fierce rivals.

Once upon a time, the teams in Philly stunk and the city's economy was a disaster. So it was no wonder the fans in The City of Brotherly Love had the reputation for being the roughest, toughest and most violent. But, these days, the entire country's economy stinks, and most of the teams in Philly are pretty good. This most recent spate of Philly-fan attempted murder aside, is it possible the mantle of the most dangerous sports fanatics in America has been passed on to more polluted pastures?