Sunday's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" kicked off the long-awaited "Seinfeld" reunion story arc in typically meta fashion -- by calling out how lame most TV reunion shows are. According to Larry, TV cast reunions are lame because, "The actors are 10 years older ... It never looks right."

And, while he has a point (those "Growing Pains" TV movies were pretty terrible), we can't help but wish that more of our favorite TV casts would get together one last time. Here are five classic TV casts whose aging faces we want to see blown up on our HDTV screen.

"Full House"
Just think about this cast of crazies together now. Bob Saget creeping everyone out with his lame dirty jokes, Dave Coulier trying resurrect the "woodchuck," Stamos calling his agent to get him out of his contract -- the behind-the-scenes drama alone would keep TMZ busy for months. Plus, now that Mary Kate and Ashley are all grown up, we can finally settle the debate over which one is the least talented.

"Twin Peaks"
The "Twin Peaks" movie "Fire Walk With Me" was a huge letdown (Lara Flynn Boyle replaced by Moira Kelly?) that failed to capture the creepy magic of the cult TV series. So why not get the gang together for one last "damn fine cup of coffee"? Former cast members James Marshall (remember his role opposite Christina Applegate in "Vibrations"?), Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee could all use the work. Plus, it would nice for David Lynch to actually make something that doesn't make people want to bash their heads in for a change. (We still have nightmares about "Inland Empire.") And who doesn't want to see David Duchovny in drag again? You know Duchovny would be up for it.

"Freaks and Geeks"
Yeah, yeah, it only ended a few years ago. But now that co-creator Judd Apatow has made superstars of pretty much everyone in the cast (Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, heck, even Martin Starr is starting to become a household name), it would be fun to see the cast out of high school and in the real world. Maybe the reunion could be set during the early '90s, with James Franco's burnout "freak" Daniel Desario now a hot-shot day trader with a giant cell phone and Seth Rogen's stoner working for the Clinton/Gore campaign. Meanwhile, fan-favorite geek Bill Haverchuck could be the founder of Yahoo! or something.

This reunion should happen for one reason and one reason only: To stop Kelsey Grammar from making any more terrible TV shows. Since he basically just plays Frasier in everything, why not just let him play Frasier again opposite Sam, Woody, Lilith and the rest of the "Cheers" gang? The reunion episode could set up "Frasier's Place," yet another spin-off where the pompous shrink inherits the bar for some reason and dispenses wisdom to drunken deadbeats. If nothing else, a "Cheers" reunion would let us know whether Norm and Cliff finally succumbed to alcohol-related liver disease.

"Saved by the Bell"

Look, the Jimmy Fallon reunion thing is cute and all, but it's just not going to happen. There is no way anyone in the cast is going to be in the same room as Dustin "Screech" Diamond now that his "Behind the Bell" tell-all has come out. Unless of course NBC paid everyone big bucks to return for a TV-movie version of Diamond's book. Come on, you know the book is going to end up being adapted into a terrible TV movie along the lines of that "Three's Company" exposé where the actors looked nothing like their real-life counterparts. Why not let the cast play their younger selves smoking pot, having sex and generally avoiding Dustin Diamond? We already know Mark Paul Gosselaar can do a spot-on Zack Morris.

And five casts we don't want to see reunite:

"Two Girls, a Guy and a Pizza Place"
The girl's on "Monk," one of the guys is playing Green Lantern, and the pizza place likely went under once the recession hit. What more do you need to know?

"Empty Nest"

Now that the late, great Richard Mulligan has passed, the nest truly is empty. Is anyone really wondering what shady neighbor Charley has been up to?

"The Single Guy"
Jonathan Silverman is "The Recently Divorced, Cautiously Reentering the Dating Scene Guy." Still not funny.

"Family Matters"
Urkel pretty much took over this show, so it's safe to assume he'd likely do the same for a reunion. Though we would like to see how they'd incorporate former cast-member-turned-porn-star-turned-reality-TV-star Jaimee Foxworth.

"Baby Talk"
This TV version of "Look Who's Talking" was notable for one thing: George Clooney's mullet. If that was enough to hang a reunion show on, there would have been a dozen "Facts of Life" comeback specials by now.

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