People have been getting blackout drunk and waking up with strange tattoos ever since the dawn of tattoos. (Or, at the very least, since the dawn of spring break.) Which is why it's unusual for such a commonplace misadventure to warrant press coverage. Then again, it's also unusual to see a man with a penis permanently inked onto his body.

A 27-year-old Swede identified only as Joe claims he drank a full bottle of vodka before blacking out the rest of the night. But his friends can fill him in on the details: Joe was in a diner, loudly carrying on about his desire to get a drunken tattoo, when, as (un)luck would have it, there was a tattoo artist in the next booth over.

The ink-slinger agreed to fulfill Joe's wish, but only under the condition of artist's choice. That, friends, is how you end up with a 6-inch schlong tattooed to your leg.

Joe says he holds no ill-will toward his brander. And, considering the damage an ink-gun can do in the hands of a fellow with a phallus fixation, Joe probably got off easy.

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