Just when you thought your hipster biking-enthusiast friends couldn't possibly come up with another reason why we should all ditch our cars for 10-speeds, along comes designer furniture made from recycled bike parts. They're easily the best use of bikes since the 1986 BMX movie "Rad."

Intrepid artist/potential crazy person Andy Gregg has used rubber handlebars, frames, wheels and more to create these unique tables and chairs. The chairs and stools work the best, in our estimation. (Your friends will never guess this stool was once part of a Schwinn.)

Some of the tables, though, like the Modulus, scream "I'm really into bikes" just a bit too loudly. (Though we definitely have to give it up for this insane loveseat. An awesome design that we would absolutely never have in our homes. )

We salute Gregg and the folks at Bike Furniture for reducing their carbon footprint in creative ways. And we salute ourselves for resisting the urge to make a crass "no seat on your bicycle" joke.