Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has confirmed longstanding rumors that he is interested in purchasing an interest in the St. Louis Rams. According to his statement, he and partner Dave Checketts "are part of a bid to buy the Rams and we are continuing the process. But I can say no more because of a confidentiality clause in our agreement with Goldman Sachs. We cannot and will not talk about our partners. But if we prevail we will be the operators of the team."

Although Limbaugh's last foray into NFL football didn't work out so well, we think everyone deserves a second chance. If the league is listening, we would like to offer our support for Limbaugh's bid, and here are 10 reasons why.

Top 10 Benefits to Rush Limbaugh Buying the Rams

10. Three words: Coach Dennis Miller.

9. No team-provided health insurance means more money for free agents.

8. The Rams can finally score that match-made-in-heaven Viagra sponsorship.

7. When the Rams play the Packers, we can finally settle the beef between Cheeseheads and Dittoheads.

6. Will be able to do double-duty as "Team Pharmacist."

5. Rams get to employ "Operation: Chaos" offense.

4. The 0-4 Rams will make it easy for Limbaugh to root for their failure.

3. Michael Vick will now be only the second-most-hated man in the NFL.

2. Attendance by married cousins skyrockets.

1. Finally, a white quarterback will get a decent shot.