This weekend, the mammoth car race, The Bathurst 1,000, kicks off with peeling tires, deafening roars, clouds of dust and the finest beer Australia has to offer.

Because past Bathursts have gotten a wee bit out of hand, featuring numerous car crashes, fights and arrests, the coppers have decided to take drastic measures. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the totalitarian fascists in charge of alcohol regulation have capped the number of beers each spectator can consume at ... 24!

Are you kidding? 24 beers? How the hell is a hale and hearty Australian supposed to enjoy an event when he's only allowed to drink a single case of beer per day? This isn't a bake sale or church service, mates, this is the Bathurst! It's hot out there and those boys are going to need more than a whistle whetting.

The outrage, as you might imagine, to the crushing heel of authority, was swift and savage. As one poster on the forums put it: "So you're only allowed one slab each, or 4 liters of wine per day. Is that restricted to adults, or do kids count too?"

Luckily, according to a Reuters story, officials have softened a bit on the ban, amending it to allow, "up to 36 cans of low or mid-strength beer."

Well thanks there, Hitler, that's mighty nice of you.