In a video recently posted to YouTube, a skier wearing helmet cam inadvertently filmed himself being buried alive by an avalanche. Early in the stunning, nearly nine-minute clip, you can see the snowpack start to build to the skier's right, then, seconds later, he's entirely engulfed in snow.

For the next spinetingling, intense minutes, all you see is blue light as you hear the entombed man trying to eat enough snow to allow himself to breathe.

Miraculously, during his 10-second, 1,500-foot plunge, the man's right glove came off and allowed his companions to locate him. When he's finally dug out it's more uplifting than anything Hollywood could ever generate.

There are so many questions we'd love to ask this very, very lucky survivor, but if we only got one it would be this: Dude, what kind of camera is that?