Although farmer John Gill shares his name with a Star Trek character, he's far more interested in entering the pumpkin canon than the Trek canon. He has built the world's largest pumpkin cannon, and he's not afraid to use it.

The record-setting gourd launcher uses compressed air to propel its payload through the 97-foot barrel, launching it over 4,000 feet at a speed of 600 mph.

Why a pumpkin cannon? Well, according to Gill's partner Gary Arold, you don't need a permit for a pumpkin cannon, although it's a little bulky for personal defense. The agro-artillerymen do hope their creation can launch them to legendary status at the World Punkin Chunkin Championship in Delaware. Yes, there is a long-running pumpkin-launching contest.

Check out this video of Gill's cannon in action, plus some other clips to whet your appetite for pumpkin destruction.

The Ulster cannon is unquestionably awesome, but why don't they fire it at something? Like this:

Turns out, you can shoot pumpkins at lots of things.