Have you noticed how brands of single-malt scotch insist on using the article The in the name? The Macallan? Perhaps we should try that with our ubiquitous plastic jug of The Canadian Club.

Well now, one of the The culprits, The Dalmore, has rolled out an exclusive line of scotch that you might consider purchasing if you're sick of collecting gold. The Sirius goes for $16,000, or a much more round 10,000 pounds sterling. You have to hand it to the Scottish for planning this baby out. The malt has been brewing since 1951, and they're only making 12 bottles.

If you're in the market, you should jet right over to London's Heathrow, where you might be able to pick up a bottle on your way to buying a small Caribbean island that you plan to relocate to Dubai, or whatever it is outrageously rich folks do these days. [via Luxist]