If you've been seeking a new way to embarrass yourself while traveling down the sidewalk, there's a new waste of cash and innovation coming your way: The Honda U3-X.

The "personal transport device" that is the U3-X (no word on what that stands for, but we bet it's nothing) looks roughly like a portable beach boombox in its default state, but has extending flaps that combine to form an uncomfortable-looking backless seat. A similar pair of footrests extends from the bottom half of the device, and then the user is off at speeds of nearly 4 miles per hour.

But none of that is the point of a vehicle that Honda insists on calling a "monocycle" instead of an "electric unicycle." As Honda's demonstration video shows, the high-end device is capable of not just going straight ahead, but also side-to-side.

Clearly the U3-X was invented primarily so users can hang out in downtown areas of major cities to taunt the bike helmet-wearing tourists.