Our lady friends at Lemondrop recently filled us in on the best and worst professions for getting women, the big takeaway of which seems to be that chicks like free pizza. Fair enough, but we asked our editors and contributors the same question about women. What are the best professions to date, and what are the absolute worst to have a relationship with? Below, their answers as to what jobs make girls desirable/undateable.


She'll be pretty smart about lots of random things, great at Googling and a good connection for free books. Bonus: say goodbye to those nasty overdue charges. Plus, everyone knows librarians are sexual dynamos waiting to explode. Right?
They're almost certainly adventurous, plus they take awesome pictures when you go on trips.
I've found designers (fashion, architecture, etc.) are the best. They're creative types who have lots of interesting things to talk about and are in tune with the world around them.
Conservative Activist
My least favorite people alive and usually even more beastly looking than Michelle Bachmann, but my friends swear that a conservative's anger, hatred and sexual repression make for some of the wildest nights in the dark.

Keep reading for the worst professions to date.


There may be potential perks if she makes it to the big-time, but it's statistically likely she's not very good at what she does and you'll have twice the fibbing to do in your relationship, answering not only "How does this look?" but the frequent "Did you like my show?"
Sexpert or Sex Columnist
While you might think there'll be lots of steamy nights (and days) ahead with a voracious sex writer by your side -- oh, the threesomes, oh the trips to Chili's, oh the toys galore! Alas, everything you do will wind up in the Village Voice, so if you're even remotely private-minded you're publicly screwed. Literally and figuratively.
If women in general need a lot of attention, then these are the hoarders of the gender. They will run your ears ragged, mostly with nonsense. You never know if they're telling the truth, or just acting. It's bad enough when women know they can get their way with tears without them having the ability to cry on demand.
It's obvious, but strippers also suck. I've found them to be emotionally messed up and financially desperate with always-lurking animosity toward men (for some reason).

Do we really need to elaborate on why people that are obsessed with making money off their looks could be high maintenance and difficult to relate to? When was the last time you saw a model reading a book on the subway -- and don't count the time you saw Chlöe Sevigny with "Harry Potter."

What are the best (and worst) professions you've dated? Tell us in the comments.
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