Popular Mechanics has named their Ten Most Brilliant Products of the Year, and topping the list is the Techcrunch Crunchpad Tablet, a tablet computer by Techcrunch publisher Michael Arrington. The catch is, the product isn't actually a product. As Gawker points out, "No one outside of Techcrunch has ever even held one."

Popular Mechanics' list starts off by saying, "Popular Mechanics awards the top 10 most brilliant gadgets, tools and toys that you can buy in 2009." While this may or may not end up being true, it seems to us that it would be difficult to evaluate the brilliance of a product you've never even seen. Only time will tell if this honor gives the Crunchpad a leg up on the forthcoming Apple Tablet.

For our money, we would use these lessened restrictions to give the Product of the Year award to Squeez Bacon. We also hope that this leads to a Nobel Peace Prize win for Optimus Prime, and the induction of Roy Hobbs into the Baseball Hall of Fame.