As fans of processed meats, one of our greatest dreams has always been to man the controls of the famed Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. But now that we've gotten a look at Wienermobile driver, Laura Moller, we might be willing to ride shotgun.

Moller is one of only 12 very, very lucky people who will be spending a year driving around the country in a motorized hot dog. Over 1,500 people apply annually to pilot Wienermobiles, and those who are chosen must take a two-week course in all things wiener.

Upon graduating, the doggie dozen ship out to ballgames, fairs and other fun places distributing hot dogs and hot dog-centric giveaways to a thankful public.

Keep reading to ride along with lovely Laura as she takes a reporter from her alma mater, Ohio State's newspaper, The Lantern, on a cruise. And if you just can't get enough wiener, follow Laura's exploits at