According to a recent study, 36 percent of those crazy young people check social media sites after they have sex, because it's important to check Facebook after you tweet somebody. (Hi-yo!)

And with that in mind, it seems important that a few rules be set up to govern this behavior, just in case your partner also logs on while you're in the bathroom and checks out your status update.

10. Heading home in 10, once I stop at pharmacy and get my ointment.

9. LOL, looks like the condom slipped off, hope she didn't notice.

8. Want my money back.

7. It's confirmed, I'm definitely gay.

6. Need water, feel disgusting inside and out.

5. -- hey guys, check out the hidden cam vid I made!

4. @HungJock -- Dude, you're right, that was totally easy.

3. Getting a boner while puking in your mouth is a weird sensation.

2. Not as good as her mom, but not bad!

1. She passed the audition, I found my new secretary