Reporters have it rough. Whether they're standing outside during hurricanes or taking small-arms fire while covering a war, no one can deny their dedication or the importance of their work.

Well, except the touched few who are compelled to make jerks out of themselves behind a reporter's back (or sometimes right up in their faces).

Inspired by this amazing (but NSFW) list, we've compiled our own greatest hits collection of people doing silly stuff behind reporters' backs and other spotlight-grabbing moments.

Newsflash: My Butt Was Just Pinched
This grabby Gus casually strolls through the shot and gives the reporter's backside a little squeeze. The creepiest part, however, may be the weird old man in the background who darts out to watch and then back into hiding.

Off to a Bad Start

Rule number one of TV Journalism: Even if you get beer spilled on your head by rowdy football hooligans before you start speaking, the show must go on.

Self-Fulfilling Naked Prophecy

This reporter was asking for it when he used the phrase "streak of weather."

Reporter Discusses High Winds, Gets Full Moon

In Palmdale, drive-by moonings are a grave and growing problem.

Thief Takes the Saying "Stealing the Mic" Literally
Reporters often worry about people grabbing the microphone away during an interview. This reporter almost gets hers stolen. The would-be thief faced a tough choice: Steal the just-released iPhone from the guy being interviewed, or the microphone from the reporter. He goes for the latter. You can't tweet with that thing, genius.

Reporter Gets the Evil Eye From About 30 People

Before the summer's volatile health-care reform rumble, town hall meetings were a place where things were discussed civilly, without Photoshopped posters of the president sporting a Hitler 'stache and manufactured slogans being screamed. This reporter learns the hard (and awkward) way that maybe broadcasting live during a meeting isn't a good idea.

In Other News: Two Old Guys Fighting

This just in! Random fight breaks out between two old guys on the street. Who knows what the reporter was originally covering, but watching an old guy take a swing, miss, and have an "I've fallen and I can't get up!" moment is clearly more important.

Guy Faceplants on Stairs Behind Reporter

Karma comes quickly to this dancing d-bag. He mimics the reporter, dances and even dry humps him. However, his 15 minutes of fame makes him forget how to walk up stairs.

Crazy Lumberjack Guy

Segueing from a clip featuring riot cops is never easy. This reporter pulls it off with aplomb thanks to a shirtless, neck-bearded man twirling a T-shirt.

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