They say the only guarantee in life is death, but even that has to take a back seat to a football game every once in a while. 89-year-old Rex Plock of Lincoln, Neb., was such a fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers that even being on his death bed couldn't stop him from enjoying one final game.

Plock had been diagnosed with pneumonia two weeks prior and was gravely ill. His dying wish was to watch the Thursday game between Nebraska and Missouri.

As he told his nurse, "If I don't get to see that Nebraska football game, I am going to be really mad."

Plock spent the six days before the game in an induced coma, heavily medicated and on a respirator in the hopes that his lungs would clear. On the day of the game he was lively and ready to go, because the gridiron waits for no man, dying or otherwise.

The former 30-year season-ticket holder got to watch most of Thursday's game but became unresponsive toward the end. He'd left instructions that a radio be placed nearby so he could still hear the game, even if he'd faded.

On Sunday, Mr. Plock passed away, hopefully pleased with his team's 27-12 victory.