A woman claiming she had won the lottery and would pay for everyone's purchases caused a near riot at a Burlington Coat Factory in Columbus, Ohio. Because when you've won the lotto, the first thing you tell your limo driver is, "Take me to Burlington Coat Factory!"

Linda Brown pulled up to the store in a brown Hummer limousine on Tuesday, telling customers she'd won $1.5 million and would pay for everyone's merchandise up to $500. Word spread and soon a crowd of almost 1,000 descended on the retail outlet, with 500 inside rushing to bring clothing to the checkout counter.

When it was revealed that the woman did not actually have the funds to pay for the purchases, customers were not happy. They ran rampant in the store, tossing coats on the ground and looting before police dispersed the crowd.

Brown was charged with fraud and inducing panic, pending a mental health evaluation. We'll tell you what's crazy: Burlington Coat Factory's insane deals on women's fall jackets!