Marty and Wendy Striegel, ages 53 and 54, respectively, want you to come to their totally radical Halloween costume party. The catch is you're required to wear the costume of the Striegels' choosing ... which means you will be naked.

The party takes place on Saturday, October 31 in McLean County, Ill., where the nudist couple claims to have a "No Dress Code" sign on their front door. (Of course, the emphasis is on the "no dress" part.) And although this policy isn't forced on visitors, with more than two dozen naked people expected to attend the festivities, you'll feel even weirder with clothes on.

Wendy tells the local media that this has nothing to do with sex -- although how fun would it be to have an orgy with a bunch of wrinkly old nudists? It's about a lifestyle, she says: "We do everything everyone else does ... we just do it naked. Like any other woman, I love nice clothes. I buy them. But once home, I more love not wearing them. There's a freeness that comes with taking off your clothes and sharing that with others. You feel it instantly."

Seriously, though, the Striegels want you to know that the get-together isn't just about naturalism. There will be a weiner roast ... and bobbing for apples ... and a hot tub. What could possibly go wrong?