At a town hall meeting in New Orleans last week, fourth grader Terrence Scott had a chance to ask the leader of the free world anything he wanted. It was the kind of opportunity that journalists start feuds over, and what does this kid ask?

"Why do people hate you?"

The president handled the kid with gentle humor and a conciliatory tone, but we think he missed an opportunity here. See the president's response and our list of better answers the president could have given.

As observes, the president took it way easy on the kid. Here's how we think he should have answered.

Top 10 Suggested Presidential Answers to "Why Do People Hate You?"

10. "We have panels to deal with people like that ..."

9. "Because I don't believe people who think girls are yucky should be allowed to get married."

8. "Because I believe people who think girls are yucky should be allowed to be army men."

7. "You think they hate me now? Wait til they see my real birth certificate!"

6. "I'mma let you finish ..."

5. "You need to turn off Fox News, kid. They're not a real news network."

4. "Well, it's pretty reasonable stuff, like policy differences, a philosophical divide, the possibility that I'm the Son of Satan ..."

3. "I don't know, but it's totally not because they're racist."

2. "Your mom sure doesn't hate me."

1. "I don't know, peepants, why do people hate you?"