Our friends at FilmDrunk are reporting on rumors that George Lucas has plans to produce a new Star Wars trilogy of movies. In 3D.

Of course, there's a high likelihood these rumors are just that. And, if true, this new trilogy could actually be pretty good, as word is George Lucas wouldn't be directing any of the films, and Steven Spielberg or Francis Ford Coppola might. Nevertheless, anytime the "In 3D" tag is attached to a sequel, it sounds an awful lot like an attempt to squeeze dollars out of a franchise that has long gone stale.

If that's the case, when did Star Wars lose its way? Or do you think an extra dimension is just the thing to enhance an epic story line that still brings as much heat as ever?
When did the Star Wars franchise jump the shark?
"Return of the Jedi" -- Cute cartoon bears. 1605 (16.6%)
Prequel trilogy -- Dialogue like a bad soap opera. 4211 (43.6%)
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" -- That animated nonsense was released in theaters!?!1794 (18.6%)
It hasn't -- I'll follow Star Wars to whatever far away galaxy it takes me.2040 (21.1%)