This year, we've got just the thing to help you literally wear your politics on your sleeve: political Halloween costumes you can make yourself. After all, the holiday comes on the heels of a summer of wacky political sideshows, and with the White House currently locked in mortal combat with Fox News, politics has never been hotter.

So try one of our DIY suggestions and not only will you avoid the last-minute desperate costume scramble, but you might just attract the politically minded slutty fairy or half-naked bumblebee of your dreams.

1. Barack Obama's Real Birth Certificate
You'll have to take the political pulse of your office when you make this costume, or you can hedge your bets by making a double-sided version (one with Hawaii, the other with your choice of Indonesia or Kenya) and just flipping it over based on the situation. Does she have a dreamcatcher at her desk? Hawaii. A pin-up of John McCain in his Navy uniform? Kenya.
What you'll need: two large pieces of foam poster board, shoulder straps, black sharpie marker.

2. Sarah Palin
Not every guy is comfortable doing the drag thing, but if you've got the legs to pull it off, a Palin costume is sure to be an attention-grabber. Women love a guy who's secure enough in his masculinity to go girl for a day, and they don't have to know about the "funny feeling" it gives you.
What you'll need: Unless you have flowing, dark brown tresses, you'll need a wig. If you don't wear Palin-style glasses, you can pick up a pair of drugstore reading glasses and pop the lenses out. A trip to the RNC thrift store (or other thrift shop) should net you a smart suit and skirt at a reasonable price. Finally, you can augment your costume with accessories like a toy shotgun, a stuffed moose or wolf to carry over your shoulder and a button that says "Take this job and shove it!"

3. Rod Blagojevich
Everyone's favorite disgraced governor is sure to be a hit at your office party. The ex-Illinois Governor has been out of the spotlight for awhile, but recent rumors of an appearance on "The Apprentice" threaten to thrust him in the limelight again.
What you'll need: Get a black Sharpie and an army helmet from your local party store and color it in with Blago's signature hairdo. Make a large coupon book with vouchers redeemable for Senate seats and state contracts. Stick a large, fake bug on your shoulder that's labeled "FBI." Finally, buy the biggest hairbrush you can find and you'll be "effin' golden."

4. Former Senator Tom Delay
The fleet-footed, federally indicted former legislator is hot again, thanks to his recent appearances on "Dancing With the Stars."
What you'll need: An orange jumpsuit and a sequined vest should do the trick here.

5. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

This scandal may seem like it's so five minutes ago, but don't you want that receptionist in the "Sailor Moon" outfit to think about letting you hike her Appalachian Trail?
What you'll need: Hiking gear, a map of the Appalachian Trail, airline tickets to Rio and a backpack overflowing with sex toys and Trojans. Be brave, get the Magnums.

6. Death Panelist
What better way to attract the Sarah Palins in your office than personifying the former guv's favorite health-care scare tactic?
What you'll need: A skull mask, a white lab coat, a clipboard and a large, lethal syringe. Your clipboard should have a checklist on it with items like "Old? Fat? Stupid?" and a space at the bottom to decide whether the patient lives or dies. To get liberal chicks, just add any health insurance company logo to the form.

7. Tea Party or Town Hall Protester
This is a pretty simple way to tap into a popular political story while skirting your company's dress code.
What you'll need: Hit that thrift store and get some summer clothes, the louder, the better. Make protest signs and buttons that compare Barack Obama to the child of Satan, Hitler and Roman Polanski. Add tea bags if you're doing the Tea Party protests. If your office tilts liberal, misspell all of the signs. Heck, do it either way -- the conservatives won't notice. (Kidding!)

8. Glenn Beck
The Fox News host who started the feud with the White House has supplanted Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly as the go-to right-wing host.
What you'll need: Tease your hair into Beck's fuzzy 'do, apply the right amount of baby powder, put on your best suit and carry around a small chalkboard with a misspelled acronym on it.