77-year old Pat Gillespie must have looked like a vulnerable target as he unloaded groceries in front of his Flint, Mich., home last Thursday. But when a gunman swooped in to rob the Air Force veteran, the thief learned firsthand the perils of trying to steal from someone who has just returned from the supermarket.

That's because instead of emptying his pockets, Gillespie reached into one of the bags and pulled out the biggest thing he could find: a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi. Gillespie used the weighted plastic container to beat his assailant with a barrage of blows that didn't stop even when the criminal shot Gillespie in the groin. Eventually the would-be robber fled, empty-handed.

"I'm not a fighter but I don't need any B.S. from anybody," said the retiree, who shows no ill-effect from the shooting other than a temporary limp. "This is my house."

So what did Gillespie do with his weapon of choice? Why the unsentimental vigilante drank it, of course. Keep reading to see video about the incident.

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