Rachel Whitwell, a primary schoolteacher from New Zealand, took it all off for the Web site of Australian Penthouse recently, and then continued her bid to be the most inappropriately sexy molder of young minds ever by boasting in the text accompanying the photos that she'd "written erotic stories for an R-rated magazine and runs (her) own pole-dancing studio."

Now, not surprisingly, Whitwell's fitness to continue in her position is being questioned. For her part, Whitwell, who doesn't seem to understand how the Internet works, claims she didn't think anyone all the way across the sea in New Zealand would ever see the layout, adding that the controversy won't affect her "ability to teach and have good relationships with students."

Bob McCoskrie, a local family activist disagrees: "This is something the teachers council should be having a very hard look at," he argued.

We're pretty sure any male members of the council will be doing just that.

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