If you've been watching TV lately, you've probably seen the trailer for upcoming film "The Box." (Full disclosure: "The Box" is a current advertiser on Asylum.com -- Editors) In it, a character played by Cameron Diaz finds a box containing what looks like the Staples easy button outside her front door. As a man with half a face later explains, if she hits the button somebody she doesn't know will die -- and she will get a million dollars.

In the movie it seems like Diaz and her family are going through some sort of recession-related hardship. (And since it's directed by the guy who did "Donnie Darko," don't be surprised if a giant bunny rabbit also comes into play.) But, assuming you never have specific knowledge about the random person who dies, this is a moral dilemma that could tempt almost any person in any financial situation.

So what would you do if a man with a CGI hole in his mug presented you with this ghoulish deal?

Write me the check

-- A whopping 250,000 people die every day, yet the only way you'll benefit financially from this harsh reality is if one of the newly deceased happens to be your rich uncle, or it's Amy Winehouse and you had the right day in your office's Amy Winehouse death pool. That's never really seemed fair.

-- Once you've gone as far as callously ending the life of a complete stranger for profit, it's going to be so much easier to pull off other random, but personally beneficial, acts of unkindness. Like driving away without leaving a note after you put a dent in someone's parked car, for example. Think of the time and hassle you'll save in such an amoral lifestyle.

-- Since it costs roughly 85 cents a day to feed a starving child, it doesn't take much of mathematician to figure out that you could turn one life ended into, like, 20 lives saved and still have almost all your money left over for video games and pornography.

I can't take that blood money

-- Given the harsh karmic payback lottery winners seem to get smacked with, anyone who benefits from a stunt like this would have to spend the rest of his life looking toward the sky for falling pianos.

-- You're probably better off waiting until Robert Redford shows up at your door and offers you a million dollars to sleep with your wife. He seems more reliable than a man with half a face, and he's really old and wrinkled now, so you won't be all that jealous.

-- Try as you might, if you took the money, you'd no longer be able to look down on vicious dog killer Michael Vick.