Halloween is a time when everyone unleashes their inner comedian in an attempt to one-up their friends in the wild-costume department. But sometimes this practice extends to crazy parents who like to dress up their kids in the most inappropriate get-ups possible. While you might think it's cute to let your kid go as a junior serial killer or baby pimp, we just find it disturbing. Here are some Halloween costumes no kid should be "caught dead" wearing.


Inappropriate Kid Halloween Costumes

    Baby Pimp

    Formula keeps his pimp hand is strong, and helps him keep his babies in line.


    Baby Michael Jackson

    No, it's not that this costume is "too soon." There is never a "too soon" for something this creepy.


    Baby Rapper

    Look, your kid has plenty of time to co-opt black culture when he's a teenager. Right now, he just looks like baby K-Fed. Give him a beer gut and a "PopoZao" single, and he's all set.


    Baby Donald Trump

    As "The Donald" himself would say, this kid's therapy bills are gonna be HUGE. That said, his hair is slightly less ferret-like than the actual Trump.


    SWAT Team

    Ah, there's nothing cuter than the first time your kid cracks open a protester's head with his nightstick.


    Member of the KISS Army

    You wanted the best, you got...this costume? We get it, you like KISS. Though to your kid, it's just a silly clown outfit.


    Baby Showgirl

    Comes with heavy mascara, kid-sized vodka flask, and a suitcase full of faded dreams!



    Besides being terrifying, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone under the age of 25 who knows who this character is. When was the last "Hellraiser" movie? 1994, maybe? Also, you're making your kid go as a character named "Pinhead." That is bound to create some head-size related insecurities down the line.


    Dark Knight Joker

    Not only is your child dressed like a knife-wielding anarchist, he's also a year too late on this one. Time to get that "balloon boy" costume ready for next Halloween.



    This costume implies that your kid is such a hardened criminal, he requires an old-timey ball-and-chain strapped to his leg at all time. What, an ankle bracelet isn't enough to hold your lil' felon? Clearly he's on his way to death row here.


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