Since seeing "March of the Penguins," we have been pretty convinced that the only things in the Antarctic are about a billion penguins and Morgan Freeman. But turns out there's another reason to head to the end of the world for a visit -- you can get plastered on 100-year-old scotch.

About a century ago, Sir Ernest Shackleton left behind his stash of hooch while exploring one of the last frontiers on earth. Being a professional, he came well-equipped with dozens of cases of whisky, two of which were found in 2006 under the floorboards of an old shack, frozen in the ice.

Back then the necessities of traveling to the far reaches of the Earth had to include booze, as the alternative was huddling up next to your long-unwashed companions for warmth.

The bottles couldn't be removed when they were found, but as it happens, ice-melting technology has advanced so far in these last few years they're going to free them up once summer hits the Antarctic this year.

Sadly, the ancient hooch won't hit the auction block, with the exception of maybe one or two bottles, as it legally has to remain where it is for historical reasons. But that does lead to the possibility of an army of completely trashed penguins, which can't be a bad thing.

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